How to Disappear Online

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Be prepared! Web is dangerous place and you should protect yourself. You will be shocked how much private info is exposed or trading via web, here is a “small” list:

  • Address Information
  • Personal Information
  • Relatives
  • Marriage Records
  • Divorce Records
  • Birth Records
  • Death Records
  • Phone Numbers
  • Location Data
  • Partners & Associates
  • Firearms Licenses
  • Speeding Tickets
  • Arrest Records
  • Sexual Offenses
  • Felonies
  • Lawsuits
I’m sure you will ignore this page the first time you saw it and I’m 100% sure you will scratch your head to find this page some time in your life.

Trading ADR in US

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What’s the ways to have exposure to foreign securities such as Tencent(trading in Hong Kong Stock Exchange)? Of course, one way is to open an broker account in Hong Kong and buy the stock in that broker account. Another easier way is to trade ADRs in US with local brokers.

So what’s ADR?
ADR(American Depositary Receipts) is a stock that trades in the United States but represents a specified number of shares in a foreign corporation. ADRs are bought and sold on American markets just like regular stocks, and are issued/sponsored in the U.S. by a bank or brokerage.

There are 3 types of ADR:

  • Level 1 – This is the most basic type of ADR where foreign companies either don’t qualify or don’t wish to have their ADR listed on an exchange. They only trade OTC.
  • Level 2 – This type of ADR is listed on an exchange or quoted on Nasdaq.
  • Level 3 – This type of ADR is issued a IPO on a US exchange.
Once an ADR is priced and sold on the market, it’s price is determined by supply and demand, just like an ordinary stock. However, if the US price varies too far from the corresponding stock in home country(taking the currency exchange and ratio of ADRs to home country shares into account), arbitrager will come in and make the price close to it’s fair value. So ADRs tend to follow the general trend of the home country stock but this is not always the case.
ADR has it’s own unique risks other than ordinary stock.
  • Political Risk – The characteristic of foreign government may affect the price of ADR.
  • Exchange Rate Risk – The currency exchange rate will influence the price of ADR.
  • Inflationary Risk – This is an extension of the exchange rate risk. Currency of a country with high inflation becomes less and less valuable.

Forward Pricing

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We tend to use continuous rate to calculate forward price because it’s hard to compare forward price if market convention is different. For example, a 4% three-month rate in US dollar market is not the same as a 4% three-month rate in the UK sterling market. This is because USD ear fractions are calculated on an actual/360 basis while GBP rates are calculated on an actual/365 basis.

Here is the formula to convert market rates to continuous rates:

For investment assets, interest rates and storage cost increase forward price, while income reduces forward price. The overall relationship is called the cost of carry for an asset.

The overall future price equation, if all rates are quoted using a continuously-compounded basis, is:


After-Hours Risk, and Other Options Expiration Issues

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For new option traders, they normally think expiration date = last trading date(time). This is a very common mistake which may lead to huge losses.

Expiration date means on which date options expire, and last trading date(time) means before which date options are able to traded. For regular options, expiration date is the third Saturday of each month, and last trading time is 4:00pm ET of the third Friday of each month. Even with weekly options that expire on Friday, they will expire after after-hour trading time.

Keeping these concepts in mind, you will soon realize that there is a gap between expiration time and last trading time! And you don’t have to be super smart to figure out that you are exposed to risk you don’t have control.

Let’s have an example. Say you sold 10 TSLA “13 Dec 13 (W) 136.00″ call for 4.8 per contract. The stock closed at 135.99 on 13 Dec. 4:00pm ET. You are so happy that you can keep all the premium in your pocket and plan to fly to Vegas on weekends to continue your luck. Then you suddenly get a margin call to ask you deposit 140,000 to your account on Monday. WTF?! What happened last Friday was during after-hour time, TSLA jump to 140.00 and the call option you sold become ITM and got assigned to you. This is not a big move considering how volatile TSLA is.

Nobody want to be in such a poor position and any surprises like this. So my suggestion to retailer trader is always close out your option position before last trade time even though  you will lose a penny or so exiting your positions if you don’t really want to exercise your option.

Here is a reference link to check out option expiration dates of 2013.

Good luck and have fun!

Differences between CFD and common stock.

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CFDs(Contracts for Difference) have been used for many years. While until recently only large institutions used CFDs, now private investors in Europe have discovered the benefits of the product, particularly the ability to easily short an equity or index, and in the UK it is estimated that 20% of equity transactions are now transacted via CFDs. Here is a table to compare the differences between common stock and CFD.

Common Stock CFD
Ongoing cost 100% of purchase cost Margin – initial margin
and variation margin
Settlement date Typically T + 3 ×
Dividend A long holder will usually receive
a percentage of the dividend declared.
A short holder have to pay the dividend.
Exchange base Traded on the exchange Traded with a broker counterparty
Taxed ×
Voting rights
(depend on the type of stock)


色眼识人 – 乐嘉

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  • 红色
    • 优势
      • 作为个体
        • 高度乐观的积极心态
        • 喜欢自己,也容易接纳别人
        • 把生命当作值得享受的经验
        • 喜欢新鲜、变化和刺激
        • 经常开心,追求快乐
        • 情感丰富而外露
        • 自由自在,不受拘束
        • 喜欢开玩笑和调侃
        • 别出心裁,与众不同
        • 表现力强
        • 容易受到人们的喜欢和欢迎
        • 生动活泼,好奇心强
      • 沟通特点
        • 才思敏捷,善于表达
        • 喜欢通过肢体上的接触传达亲密情感
        • 容易与人攀谈
        • 发生冲突时,能直接表白
        • 人越多越亢奋
        • 演讲和舞台表演的高手
        • 乐于表达自己的看法
      • 作为朋友
        • 真诚主动,热情洋溢
        • 喜欢交友,善于与陌生人互动
        • 擅长搞笑,时带来乐趣的伙伴
        • 容易原谅自己和别人,不记仇
        • 富有个人魅力
        • 乐于助人
        • 有错就认,很快道歉
        • 喜欢接受别人的肯定和不吝赞美
      • 对待工作和事业
        • 工作主动,寻找新任务
        • 富有感染力,能够吸引他人参与
        • 激发团队的热情合作心和进取心,重视团队合作的感觉
        • 令人愉悦的工作伙伴
        • 完成短期目标时,极富爆发力
        • 信任他人
        • 善于赞美和鼓励,是天生的激励者
        • 不喜欢太多的规定束缚,富有创意
        • 工作以活泼化、丰富化的方式进行
        • 反应快,闪电般开始
    • 劣势
      • 作为个体
        • 情绪波动大起大落
        • 变化无常,随意性强
        • 鲁莽冲动,轻信他人,容易上当受骗
        • 虚荣心强,不肯吃苦,贪图享受
        • 喜欢走捷径,虎头蛇尾,不能坚持
        • 粗心大意,杂乱无章
        • 不肯承担责任,期待有别人为自己的人生负责
        • 缺乏自控,毫无纪律
        • 容易原谅自己,不吸取教训
        • 不稳定和散漫
        • 拒绝长大
        • 借放纵来麻痹自己的痛苦和烦恼,而不去认真思考生命的本质
      • 沟通特点
        • 说话少经大脑思考,脱口而出
        • 对于严肃和敏感的事情也会开玩笑
        • 炫耀自己,夺人话题
        • 注意力分散,不能专注倾听,插话
        • 忘记别人说过什么,自己讲过的话也经常重复
        • 口无遮拦,不保守秘密
        • 不可靠,光说不练
        • 夸大吹嘘自己的成功
      • 作为朋友
        • 缺少分寸,过度的玩笑和热情
        • 只想当主角
        • 谈论自己感兴趣的话题,对和自己无关的话题心不在焉
        • 插嘴打断别人谈话
        • 健忘多变
        • 经常会忘记老朋友
        • 有极强的依赖性,脆弱而不能独立
        • 好心办坏事
      • 对待工作事业
        • 跳槽频率高,这山望着那山高
        • 没有规划,随意性强
        • 没有焦点,把精力分散在太多的不同方向
        • 过高估计了自己的能力
        • 觉得没有必要为未来做准备
        • 不肯花更大的精力和幕后工作的勤奋代价,来获取更高的殊荣
        • 不切实际地希望所有的工作都要有趣味
        • 很难全神贯注,经常性地走神
        • 异想天开,难以预料
  • 蓝色
    • 优势
      • 作为个体
        • 严肃的生活哲学
        • 思想深邃,独立思考而不盲目从众
        • 沉默寡言,老成持重
        • 注重承诺,可靠安全
        • 谨慎而深藏不露
        • 坚守原则,责任心强
        • 遵守规则,井井有条深沉有目标的理想主义
        • 敏感细腻
        • 高标准,追求完美
        • 谦和稳健
        • 善于分析,富有条理
        • 待人忠诚,富有自我牺牲精神
        • 深思熟虑,三思而后行
        • 坚韧执着
      • 沟通特点
        • 享受敏感而有深度的交流
        • 设身处地地体会他人
        • 能记住谈话时共鸣的感情和思想
        • 喜欢小群体交流的思想碰撞
        • 关注谈话的细节
      • 作为朋友
        • 默默地为他人付出以表示关切和爱
        • 对友谊忠诚不渝
        • 真诚关怀朋友的境遇,善于体贴他人
        • 能够记得特殊的日子
        • 遭遇难关时,极力给予鼓舞安慰
        • 很少向他人表达内心的看法
        • 经常扮演解决分析问题的角色
      • 对待工作和事业
        • 强调制度、程序、规范、细节和流程
        • 做事之前首先计划且严格按照计划去执行
        • 喜欢探究及根据事实行事
        • 尽忠职守,追求卓越
        • 高度自律
        • 喜欢用表格、数字的管理来验证效果
        • 注重承诺
        • 一丝不茍地执行工作
    • 劣势
      • 作为个体
        • 高度负面的情绪化
        • 猜忌心重,不信任他人
        • 太在意别人的看法和评价,容易被负面评价中伤
        • 容易沮丧,悲观消极
        • 陷于低落的情绪无法自拔
        • 情感脆弱抑郁,有自怜倾向
        • 杞人忧天,庸人自扰
        • 最容易的抑郁症患者
        • 当别人轻易成功时,会因自己的努力付出却不如他人而心生嫉妒
        • 过于阴沉的面孔,让人感觉压抑,不易接近
      • 沟通特点
        • 不知不觉地说教和上纲上线
        • 原则性强,不易妥协
        • 强烈期待别人具有敏感度和深度能够理解自己
        • 以为别人能够读懂自己的心思
        • 不太主动与人沟通
        • 不喜欢制造困扰麻烦给别人,也讨厌别人制造困扰麻烦给自己
        • 要真诚开放心胸与人互动会比较难
        • 习惯以防卫的状态面对别人
      • 作为朋友
        • 过度敏感,有时很难相处
        • 强烈的不安全感
        • 远离人群
        • 喜好批判和挑剔
        • 吝于宽恕
        • 经常怀疑别人的话,不容易相信他人
      • 对待工作和事业
        • 对自己和他人常寄予过高而且不切实际的期望
        • 过度计划和过度绸缪
        • 患得患失,行动缓慢
        • 较真,挑剔他人及自己的表现
        • 专注于小细节,因小失大
        • 吝啬表扬,强烈的形式主义
        • 容易被不理想的成绩击垮斗志
        • 墨守成规,死板教条不懂变通
        • 为了维护原则缺乏妥协精神
  • 黄色
    • 优势
      • 作为个体
        • 不达目标,誓不罢休
        • 不停地给自己设定目标以推动前进
        • 把生命当成竞赛
        • 行动迅速,活力充沛
        • 意志坚强
        • 自信、不情绪化,而且非常有活力
        • 坦率,直截了当,一针见血
        • 强烈的进取心,居安思危
        • 独立性强
        • 有强烈的求胜欲
        • 不畏强权并敢于冒险
        • 不易气馁,不在乎外界的评价,坚持自己所选择的道路和方向
        • 危难时刻挺身而出
        • 讲究速度和效率
        • 敢于接受挑战并渴望成功
      • 沟通特点
        • 以务实的方式主导会谈
        • 喜欢主导整个事情进行的方式
        • 能够直接抓住问题的本质
        • 说话用字简明扼要,不喜欢拐弯抹角
        • 不受情绪干扰和控制
      • 作为朋友
        • 给予解决问题的方法,而非纠缠在过去
        • 迅速提出忠告和方向
        • 直言不讳地提出建议
      • 对待工作和事业
        • 动作干净利落,讲求效率
        • 能够承担长期高强度的压力
        • 强烈的目标趋向,善于设定目标
        • 高瞻远瞩,有全局观念
        • 善于委派工作
        • 坚持不懈,促成活动
        • 掌握重点执行
        • 行事作风明快
        • 天生的领导者和富有组织能力
        • 竞争越强,精力越旺,愈挫愈勇
        • 寻求实际的解决方法
        • 以结果和完成任务为导向,并且高效率
        • 善于快速决策并处理所遇到的一切问题
        • 富有责任感
    • 劣势
      • 作为个体
        • 自己永远是对的,死不认错
        • 趾高气扬,霸道
        • 只关注自己的感受,不体贴别人的心情和想法
        • 以自我为中心,自私倾向
        • 霸道。脾气暴躁,容易发怒
        • 缺少同情心
        • 傲慢自大,目中无人
        • 经常紧绷自己的情绪
        • 在情绪不佳或有压力的时候,经常会不可理喻与独断专行
        • 不喜欢受群体所规范约束 , 打破既定规则且自己不遵守规则
      • 沟通特点
        • 喜欢争辩和冲突
        • 铁石心肠,对情绪表现冷淡
        • 粗线条,简单粗暴
        • 毫无敏感,无力洞察他人内心和理解他人所想
        • 抗拒批评,严酷且自以为是的审判者
        • 缺乏亲密分享的能力
        • 缺乏耐心,是非常糟糕的倾听者
        • 态度尖锐严厉,批判性强
        • 容易让他人的工作或生活步调紧张
        • 不习惯赞美别人
        • 说话有时咄咄逼人
        • 控制欲强
        • 不太能体谅他人,对行事模式不同的人缺少包容度
      • 作为朋友
        • 大多时候仅保持理性的友谊
        • 讨厌与犹豫不决、能力弱的人互动
        • 试图控制和影响大家的活动,希望他人服从自己而非配合别人
        • 除了工作内容,很少交谈其它话题
        • 情感上习惯与人保持一定的距离
        • 很少对人流露出直接诚挚的关怀
        • 需要你的时候才找你
        • 为别人做主
      • 对待工作和事业
        • 生活在无尽的工作当中而不是人群中
        • 数量远比质量重要
        • 目标没有完成时,容易发怒且迁怒于人
        • 寻求更多的权力,有极强的控制欲
        • 拒绝为自己和他人放松
        • 完成工作第一,人的事情第二
        • 为了自己的面子,不妥协且毫不认错
        • 对于竞争结果过分关注而忽略过程中的乐趣
        • 武断,刚愎自用且一意孤行
        • 很难慢下来,缺少生命乐趣的工作狂
        • 未明察就急于改变,急于求成
  • 绿色
    • 优势
      • 作为个体
        • 爱静不爱动,有温柔祥和的吸引力和宁静愉悦的气质
        • 和善的天性,做人厚道
        • 追求人际关系的和谐
        • 奉行中庸之道,为人稳定低调
        • 遇事以不变应万变,镇定自若
        • 知足常乐,心态轻松
        • 追求平淡的幸福生活
        • 有松弛感,能融入所有的环境和场合
        • 从不发火,温和、谦和、平和三和一体
        • 做人懂得“得饶人处且饶人”
        • 追求简单随意的生活方式
      • 沟通特点
        • 以柔克刚,不战而屈人之兵
        • 避免冲突,注重双赢
        • 心平气和且慢条斯理
        • 善于接纳他人意见
        • 最佳的倾听者,极具耐心
        • 擅长让别人感觉舒适
        • 有自然和不经意的冷幽默
        • 松弛大度,不急不徐
      • 作为朋友
        • 从无攻击性
        • 富有同情和关心
        • 宽恕他人对自己的伤害
        • 能接纳所有不同性格的人
        • 和善的天性及圆滑的手腕
        • 对友情的要求不严苛
        • 处处为别人考虑,不吝付出
        • 与之相处轻松自然又没有压力
        • 最佳的垃圾宣泄处,鼓励他们的朋友多谈自己
        • 从不尝试去改变他人
      • 对待工作和事业
        • 高超的协调人际关系的能力
        • 善于从容地面对压力。巧妙地化解冲突
        • 能超脱游离政治斗争之外,没有敌人
        • 缓步前进以取得思考空间
        • 注重人本管理。推崇一种员工都积极参与的工作环境
        • 尊重员工的独立性,从而博得人心和凝聚力
        • 善于为别人着想
        • 以团体为导向
        • 创造稳定性
        • 用自然低调的行事手法处理事务
    • 劣势
      • 作为个体
        • 按照惯性来做事,拒绝改变,对于外界变化置若罔闻
        • 懒洋洋的作风,原谅自己的不思进取
        • 懦弱胆小,纵容别人欺压自己
        • 期待事情会自动解决,完全守望被动
        • 得过且过
        • 无原则地妥协,而无法促使他们采取负责任的解决态度
        • 逃避问题与冲突
        • 太在意别人反应,不敢表达自己的立场和原则
      • 沟通特点
        • 一拳打在棉花上,毫无反应
        • 没有主见,把压力和负担通通转嫁到他人身上
        • 不会拒绝他人,给自己和他人都带来无穷麻烦
        • 行动迟钝,慢慢腾腾
        • 避免承担责任
      • 作为朋友
        • 不负责任的和稀泥
        • 姑息养奸的态度
        • 压抑自己的感受以迁就别人
        • 期待让人人满意,对自己的内心不忠诚
        • 没有自我,迷失人生的方向
        • 缺乏激情
        • 漠不关心,惰于参与任何活动
      • 对待工作和事业
        • 安于现状,不思进取
        • 乐于平庸,缺乏创意
        • 害怕冒风险,缺乏自信
        • 拖拖拉拉
        • 缺少目标
        • 缺乏自觉性
        • 懒惰而不进取
        • 宁愿做旁观者不肯做参与者

Set up psql database in django.

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I use sqlite as my django database, but there are some limitations in sqlite. So I want to switch to mysql or psql(PostgreSQL). Both of them need a little bit more setup than sqlite, but still quick easy.

  1. Install database client.
  2. Create user.
  3. Create database.
  4. Modify django settings.
Let’s begin with mysql.

Now let’s see how to do it for psql.

Ok now we created user name, password and database, we need to modify accordingly.

We are all set!

Editing Python code in Vim.

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Python is relied on indentation, and if you edit python code in Vim, you may found it will mess up your indentation. Here is a simple way to fix it.

Open your file in Vim you will see something like this:

and enter Vim command

to see all white spaces. If you see something like this:

You know you have inconsistent indentation. “^I” means tab, but “print c” statement is indented by space.

How to fix this? Easy.

  1. Edit your .vimrc file to have following:
  2. For the files having indentation issue, run Vim command to fix them:
  3. Now check the file again using “:set list”, and you will see all tabs are gone. They are places by spaces.

Serve django static files for production service and solve missing admin page css problem.

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It works perfectly on dev version of my django site. But when I deploy it to production (served by apache), I realized that css is missing for admin pages. Then I digged a little deeper to see what I could do to solve this issue. It actually quite simple. There are two files you need to modify.

  1. Modify

    here STATIC_ROOT will be the folder where django will copy all admin static files. STATIC_URL will corresponding to the alias name in your apache config file. Don’t worry, keep reading and it will be clear to you.
  2. Go to your django site directory and run

    This will copy all static files including admin css, image, js files into your STATIC_ROOT. Now check your “static” folder, you should see “admin” folder which has “css”, “img” and “js” sub-folders.
  3. Modify corresponding apache config files under /etc/apache2/sites-available/ folder.

    where “/static/” is your STATIC_URL and “/dir/to/your/static/” will be the location of your “static” folder which is your STATIC_ROOT.
  4. You are all set! Restart your apache and checkout your admin page.